Rocky Mountain - Estes Park Colorado

Марина Стоева

Јустинијан Први Скопје

Work and Travel Story from Marina Stoeva, 4 times participant on the cultural exchange program in Estes Park Colorado!
Being able to live in America even for awhile was definitely a great experience for me. I made good friends, experienced a different culture, learned to be independent person and also improved my English.
I lived in Estes park- Colorado four summers in a role, mostly because of the wonderful people I met there, I was truly amazed by their kindness. The place itself was breathtaking sitting at an altitude of 7500 ft. That’s not all, there is the Rocky mountain national park with 2000 streams and lakes, 200 waterfalls and some of the highest peaks.


If you love nature this is the place to be!
Students just fall in love with Estes Park, Colorado after a few weeks of their arrival, says Marina. Being able to work in the USA during the summer I have become more independent and the way of life there made me more stronger then before. Also I have visited a lot of cities and landmarks in the USA during these 4 summers in a role. I was amazed the most from New York, from Times Square and Manhattan, from dynamic and special feeling that you have every time you visit this wonderful city. From the places I have visited I must say that Chicago left a great impression on me as a well organized and beautiful place to see. I can not forget also California and the several breathtaking views of the beaches and famous places I have visited in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco.
So I will say just one more thing to the students who are planing to apply for this wonderful program - don't hesitate at all and apply from your first year of studies until your last, because it is a great experience and once in a lifetime opportunity .